Want clean, smooth, glowing neck? At Fabulicious we care the best for the best! Get the neck bleach treatment and fight of the tan and pigmentation is easy, painless way! Book a slot now!


At Fabulicious, we only want the best for our customers! Get the underarms bleach treatment to fight tan and pigmentation in a simple and painless way! Make a reservation right away!

Arms (Half/Full)

Want a squeaky-clean, smooth-as-silk arms? At Fabulicious only want the best for our customers! Get the arms bleach treatment to combat tan and pigmentation in a simple and painless manner


Face bleaching is a trick procedure to get all the impurities out of your skin and have a glowing, smooth skin in no time! Book a slot today! !

Full Face (With Neck)

Love summer but the tan is what you hate?! We got you. Now flaunt all your summer dresswith smooth, glowing skin and glow like a star. Book an appointment today!

Full Back

Love for backless dress is just overflowing! Now flaunt your backless dresses without giving a much thought. Get a blemish free, smooth, and glowing back at Fabulicious! Book your slot now!

Full Body

Even out your skin tone, and minimize the dark spots and reduce the scar marks in an easy yet effective way at Fabulicious! Book a session today for glowing, beautiful skin

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