Body Wax

Underarms Waxing

A non-invasive procedure that causes hair to grow slightly softer and thinner.

Arms Waxing

Flaunt those beautiful arms with such smooth skin.

Legs Waxing

Flaunt those beautiful legs with such smooth skin. we make sure that the outcome is what you desired!

Stomach Waxing

Now flaunt the belly button as much as you want with our hassle free stomach waxing!

Stomach Line Waxing

Avoid razor burns or scars, opt for a pain-free and hassle-free waxing for your stomach line .

Back Waxing

Love for backless dress is just overflowing! Now flaunt your backless dresses .

Lower Back Waxing

Get smooth, silky skin with our lower back waxing1! Avoid the razor burns and scars.

Buttocks Waxing

Now get smooth and clear buttocks without any hassle.

Chest and Tummy Waxing

No more smelly hair removal creams or irritating itchiness!

Full Body Waxing (without Bikini)

No more stinky hair removal creams or itchy skin!

Thigh Waxing

Take all the shorts, skirts and mini dresses out today!

Brazilian Line

Get it ALL away! Front, back and in between!

Brazilian Waxing

A Brazilian Wax is a hair removal method that removes all hair from the frontal area of your bikini.

Brazilian Lycon

Get smooth, hair-free skin, avoiding any razor burns or cuts.

Underarms Lycon

With our Underarms Lycon, you can find the perfect balance.

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